Canning Pears and Apple Sauce on teevee!

A Good Day Oregon piece… The crew came by again to talk about canning late season fruit. Next up? Winter Gardening!

Link to Canning video

Raising Chicks in the City (Good Day Oregon)

Another Good Day Oregon spot… The crew came to my house to chat about raising backyard chickens. Next month: apple sauce and winter gardening!
Link to Cute Baby Chick Video

More Masterchef Moments…

Here’s an interview with Cookbook Village about Masterchef and my love of cookbooks: More Masterchef Moments…

Cookin’ up a Storm!

Hi All,

In a series of unusual events, I found myself a contestant on a FOX reality show this spring. Gordon Ramsey’s MASTERCHEF was a crazy experience!

The season began June 4th and will continue Mondays and Tuesdays all summer.