ArtclecticPDX Interview with Art Edwards

Jessica's back with TypeCast on ArtclecticPDX on KZME 107.1 FM Jessica's interview is with author Art Edwards.  They talk at length about his latest book, Badge, but go into topics like "Calypso," the Refreshments, self-publishing and wondering if … [Continue reading]

Guest Post from Grammarly: Using Technology to Complete a Novel at Warp-Speed

We at Mindbuck Media are pleased as the proverbial spiked punch to have Allison VanNest of provide a guest post for us. By Allison VanNest, Over the last decade, technology has changed just about every part of our … [Continue reading]

Secrets, Inspiration and Indulgence with the Sexy Grammarian

I had a virtual sit down with San Francisco based teacher and writer Kristy Lin Billuni also known as The Sexy Grammarian.  What follows is our conversation from grammar to robots for your enjoyment. Jessica G: Off the top, what's so sexy … [Continue reading]

Editing Rx

By Kristin Thiel of Indigo Editing Just as a therapist may be able to prescribe medication or not, may counsel the physical or the mental side of a person, or may have a certificate or a medical license, an editor may perform any number of … [Continue reading]

Mindbuck Media 2013 Books in Review

by Jessica Henkle As the year comes to a close, we at MindBuck Media would like to share a bit about some of the books we’ve had the privilege of promoting in 2013. Word Up! We kicked off the spring release season in April, when Northwest … [Continue reading]

Pubslush Explains Literary Crowdfunding

We @MindbuckMedia are psyched to present this guest post by Justine Schofield from One thing many authors fail to plan for is the marketing and promotion of their book. Hiring a publicist for your work is one of the crucial steps to … [Continue reading]

Tuck and Roll with Camille Cole

If you’ve published a book, you’re part of the secret society who know the truth—the grim facts. It’s not glamorous or lucrative and it’s not over when you think it’s over—as in: your manuscript is on its way to that glorious world of publication. … [Continue reading]

Interview with Mark Russell on 107.1 KZME

Here’s the podcast for my show, Type Cast, with Mark Russell on KZME. Mark has a fascinating new book out called, God is Disappointed in You. With the release of GIDIY, Mark has created a new version of the bible for straight shooters with an ironic … [Continue reading]

Ashland Creek Press Interview

Q&A with Jessica Glenn, MindBuck Media and Ashland Creek Press   What type of books does Ashland Creek Press publish? Our niche is environmental literature—our goal is to publish fiction with themes relating to the environment, ecology, … [Continue reading]

A DRABBLE Family Christmas

A Comic Classic Syndicated in over 300 newspapers, now a book!     Humorist KEVIN FAGAN is best known as the creator of Drabble, a nationally syndicated cartoon strip debuting in March of 1979. The Drabble family, features Ralph and … [Continue reading]