Guest Post from Indie Reader: Get Your Book in Front of 37,000 Book Industry Professionals

Book_IRIS_programFor many Indie authors, getting their books in an actual physical bookstore is the Holy Grail. We hear it all the time. The problem is, it’s a crazy amount of work to canvas the shops, have meetings with store owners and convince them that you’re book is a good fit.

So we at IndieReader came up with a solution. Not just another listing, IR In-Store (IRIS) reviews and catalogs your book as part of a branded collection on Edelweiss, an online catalog service used by a majority of independent bookstores (plus B&N!), a social network platform for industry professionals and an interactive research tool for librarians, bloggers and reviewers.

The cost to indie authors is $399.00* per title (assuming the the title is available via Ingram Wholesale, if it’s not, IR can make it available there for a small additional fee) and includes an IndieReader book review that will accompany the title in the Edelweiss database.

Not only that, but for no additional fee, your book is included in the Edelweiss Digital Review Copy (DRC) Module. Similar in function to NetGalley, it is a secure, controlled way for authors to share their DRCs with reviewers, bloggers, librarians, media, booksellers, wholesalers, etc.

But don’t just take our word for it. Says Counting to D author and MindBuck Media client, Kate Scott, “Participating in IndieReader’s In-Store (IRIS) program is an investment I would definitely do again. If you are planning to spend any money on publicity and/or marketing for your upcoming title, I recommend joining IRIS first. I will definitely be listing all my future titles on the Edelweiss network.”

And bookstore owners concur.  Says Tony Herr, from Cape Atlantic Bookstore in Cape May, NJ:

“I love this idea very much and want to utilize it completely. We’ve had an indie section since we opened 2 years ago, but it hasn’t been very diverse since I cannot review everything that comes my way, and so far the indie selections from Ingram have only been offered at 25-30% discounts, (I would happily take more chances with titles if Ingram offered them at my regular discount). I definitely believe this service will go a long way to getting these selections properly reviewed and on bookstore shelves.”

More information on the Indie Reader In Store program.

Guest post by Amy Edelman at IndieReader

Mindbuck Media 2013 Books in Review

by Jessica Henkle

As the year comes to a close, we at MindBuck Media would like to share a bit about some of the books we’ve had the privilege of promoting in 2013.

Word Up!

WordUpWe kicked off the spring release season in April, when Northwest Brainstorms Publishing brought us Marcia Riefer Johnston’s Word Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs (and Everything You Build from Them). The title says it all–this book is jam-packed with practical writing advice for grammar novices and aficionados alike. A technical writer by trade, Johnston has the know-how to help you make your words pack a punch, whether you write novels, scholarly articles, Twitter posts, or all three. Word Up! has continued to be a bestseller in the writing/grammar category since its release.

Flashes of War

Thumb_FlashesofWarFlashes of War by Katey Schultz joined the world in May, published by Loyola University’s Apprentice House. Awarded the Gold Medal Book of the Year in Literary Fiction by the Military Writers Society of America, this provocative short story collection illuminates the lives affected by the War on Terror. Told from both sides of the fighting lines, Schultz breaks down barriers, defies stereotypes, and speaks with unflinching honesty into the far-reaching wounds of war. Katey’s website

A Vision of Angels

Thmb_A-Vision-of-AngelsIn July, we welcomed Timothy J. Smith’s A Vision of Angels, a suspense novel that tells of four interwoven lives forever changed by an Easter Sunday terrorist threat. Published by Owl Canyon Press, this is Smith’s second book with us. The first, Cooper’s Promise, was published in October 2012. Drawing from his international background, Smith writes with unique range and sensibility, and in A Vision of Angels, he’s crafted a gripping tale of forgiveness and hope.

Starship Century

Thmb_STARSHIP CENTURY cover 12-12 2As the summer continued, Starship Century arrived, an illustrious anthology published by Microwave Sciences and Lucky Bat in August. Edited by James Benford & Gregory Benford, authors include Stephen Hawking, Freeman Dyson, Martin Rees, David Brin, Richard Lovett and more. Inspired by the discussions that occurred during the 100-Year Starship Symposium, this book combines scholarly essays with stories of science fiction, illustrating the common ground that scientists and sci-fi writers share. It also poses the question, will we reach another star within the next 100 years?

Wally’s Wienerful World of Golf

Thmb_wallys-wienerfulIn August, we worked on Wally’s Wienerful World of Golf. Wally’s is the second in a series of novelty books released through Senovva Productions and Bear Mountain Management by syndicated comic strip author, Kevin Fagan. The series is based on Fagan’s long-running, syndicated comic strip, DRABBLE. We worked on the prequel, A DRABBLE Family Christmas Tale in December of 2012. A third DRABBLE-based book is slotted for 2014, which promises to be as charming as the first two.

Arousing The Buy Curious

Thmb_ATBCCoverBecki Saltzman’s tongue-in-cheek real estate guide, Arousing the Buy Curious: Real Estate Pillow Talk for Patrons and Professionals, rolled out in September from OOMAU Media. This book takes an alluring approach at revealing the inside secrets of real estate. Professionals can learn techniques and “sexy mind-science” for representing clients, while buyers looking to save money will get the scoop on the real (and sometimes naughty) truth about the market.

The Edwin Drood Murders

Thmb-edwin-drood-smallSeptember also brought us The Edwin Drood Murders, the second installment in Christopher Lord’s Dickens Junction series, published by Harrison Thurman. The first, The Christmas Carol Murders, was published in September 2012, when we met bookstore owner and amateur sleuth, Simon Alastair. In this second book, Simon is joined by his dashing life partner, Zach Benjamin, as they step in to investigate when a priceless ring and a rare Dickensian artifact go missing.

Pedal Forward

Thm_PEdalFOrward-CoverMedA busy month for books, September ushered in Trey Hall’s Pedal Forward: The 10 Life and Business Lessons I Have Learned on My Bike, published by Cairn Publishing Denver. When Trey and his bike collided head-on with a car at 75 MPH, he suffered life-threatening injuries, but emerged triumphant. Drawing upon that victory, as well as his years of marketing experience, Hall’s inspirational story encourages top performance, whether on a bike or in a boardroom. No surprise to us that Pedal Forward was voted one of the ‘Must Reads’ for 2013 by!

Super Born

Thm_Super_Born_Cover_webThe year rounded to a close with Keith Kornell’s racy fantasy-crime novel, Super Born: Seduction of Being, which flew onto the shelves in October from Harper Landmark Books. It tells the story of a single mom who suddenly develops superpowers, while the men around her are reduced to drooling drunkards. Now, she has to learn how to use those powers and keep the bad guys at bay, all while raising her daughter and holding down a day job.

This was a great year for books, and 2014 is shaping up to be just as stellar. We look forward to telling you more about our new titles in the upcoming months. Until then, 2013’s books offer more than enough material to keep readers good and occupied.

Pubslush Explains Literary Crowdfunding

We @MindbuckMedia are psyched to present this guest post by Justine Schofield from

One thing many authors fail to plan for is the marketing and promotion of their book. Hiring a publicist for your work is one of the crucial steps to publishing successfully. If you think about all the time, dedication, and grueling hard work every author puts into writing a book, don’t they owe it to themselves to use the proper marketing and promotion tools to get their book out into the world?

Yes. Yes, they do. But as with many aspects of publishing, publicists can be expensive and many self-publishing authors are more focused on producing their book than effectively marketing it. However, with the power of crowdfunding, authors can raise funds to pay for services, such as hiring a publicist, that they may not have been able to afford out-of-pocket.

Pubslush2Crowdfunding is a means to raise funds for any business or creative project by collecting small monetary pledges from a large group of people. Crowdfunding has seen great success in the fields of publishing, technology, film, and more. Prior to the rise of the Internet and the online marketplace, entrepreneurs were solely dependent on the conglomerates of their industry to fund the creation and marketing of their products. Of course, we know the conglomerates of the publishing industry are the publishing houses. Now, though, authors have access to publishing technology and with crowdfunding they also have the opportunity to raise funds pre-publication.

Crowdfunding allows authors to utilize their pre-established network in order to mitigate the financial risk of publishing, gauge the initial market viability of their book, and ultimately, make their book the absolute best it can be.

So, you may be wondering how exactly this whole crowdfunding thing works.

In order to create a campaign an author must:

  • Submit an excerpt of their book, usually about 10 pages in length.
  • Provide a summary of their book to give the reader an overview of the plot.
  • Create a personalized video, explaining their book, why they wrote it, and why people should support their campaign.
  • Create reward levels at varying monetary amounts to create incentive for people to support their campaign.
  • Add additional information, such as pictures, Q&A, and website and social media links.

Creating a campaign is the first step, but authors should be aware that just like writing a book, crowdfunding requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • A lot of planning is required before the launch of a campaign. Campaigns are time sensitive, lasting 30-60 days, so it’s important to have an extensive marketing plan and create a buzz around your campaign before it goes live.
  • Have creative rewards. Developing fun and unique rewards will entice people to support your campaign at various levels. Also, it shows people you’ve taken the time to really think about your audience, which they will appreciate.
  • Provide a support level for everyone. Offering a reward tier as low as $1 ensures you aren’t excluding anyone from being able to pledge to your campaign. After all, every dollar counts!
  • Have a loyal pre-existing network, both personal and professional.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to the people in your network and ask for their support. Asking is the key to success. Many people feel uncomfortable asking others for financial pledges, but every supporter receives a reward, most often the final product, in exchange for their pledge.
  • One of the most important things about conducting a crowdfunding campaign is to keep the momentum going. You will have to be as excited (if not more!) and dedicated to your campaign on the final day as you were on day one. Your crowdfunding campaign will be your job for its 30-60 day duration. But, on the bright side, at the end you may be able to hire a publicist for your book and not have to continue the intense marketing and promotion aspect by yourself.

Crowdfunding can be an incredibly powerful tool when people are informed and dedicated. Learn more about crowdfunding for books and see if you could be the next publishing success story.

Justine Schofield is the communications coordinator of Pubslush, a global crowdfunding platform for books. Authors can raise funds, understand their audience, and self-publish or traditionally publish their work. Justine graduated from Emerson College in Boston, MA with a degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing and is currently enrolled at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, earning her MFA in Creative Writing. She specializes in social media and public relations, has held various freelance editing and writing jobs, and her work has been published in many online and print publications.